Michael McEwen

This will probably be my last post for a while.  Not that I don't enjoy the is a highlight of my ham activity.

All except my 2M mobile (in my truck) are packed.  I will be in a somewhat antenna restricted area.  Have been told that my 17/20 hex beam will probably be covered by the "TV antenna" clause.

I do have a nice attic with no heat a/c ducting (floor ducting).  I have never used an attic antenna except for SWL.  I could put dipoles up there (under a wood/asphalt shingle roof) but 80 would have to be "bent" considerably.  I can get away with a 40 stealth NVIS out back.  75/80 is not a big deal with me, but I do have the dipole and I'd put it in the attic if it is the effort and coax.

THE LD5 and AlexLoop remain the qrp weapons of choice until some antenna work can be done which may be 2-3 wk away.

I will try to monitor Lists but that will be problematic.

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Doc - K5OSA

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Michael T McEwen
Lt Col, US Army, Ret
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