Chaos reconsidered

Michael McEwen

As a  former practitioner and continual follower theoretical physics, I have really enjoyed chaos that I am living it, let's say "enjoy" is problematic...attempt at humor ends...

This move to our new QTH has been less than as the Army we say, the best plan does not survive the first contact with the enemy.

I still have no HF.  I found my LD-5 and AlexLoop, but key, mic and power supply are MIA.  My Icom and Big antennas are somewhere in the garage.  I also just found out that the CC&R say no antennas, so I will have to be stealth at base...40M NVIS thin wire will be first, I think.  The attic is open (floor heat/AC vents) so no metal overhead may help with attic wires, etc.  40/20/17 are my main hangouts, so this should be manageable, if not DX-able.

We have three (35'+) trees in back...PAR End Fedz have worked great for me in the past, so I may go 40/20/17 as stealth slopers unless there is a reason to do attic wires (20' roof peak...40 would have to bend).

My new internet provider is great but I have lost a huge number of msg in the move.  If I have not replied, mea culpa.  I'll try for daily checks now.

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Doc - K5OSA

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Michael T McEwen
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