Re: Pig Rig #147 - First QSO just now

Charlie Vest

Not too long ago Diz was down to 15 kits left . Does anyone know if he sold out this run ?
171 is ready to put the crystal sockets in , but I am going to wait until I can check both sets at the same time .
Dug the FT-707S out and moved it so now I have a QRP rig on every desk that has a desktop computer on it .
Still using my SPIDERS out at the farm , so now I am pretty much set to run QRP CW anywhere I am at.
The pig rig will allow me high power out at the farm . I will have 40,30 and 20 out there , so I am looking forward to finding someone with an 80 meter SPIDER they are willing to part with or maybe go with the next pig rig for 80 meters .
Charlie , W5COV


Just finished a QSO with KY0O on 7.0307 in Kansas City - he on his HW9. I sent him to the Pig Rig site, he was not familiar with it.

Putting out between 3 and 4 watts he gave me a 599.

Thanks to Terry's label, it is a nice looking pig too.


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