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Aaron Bailey

Greetings Gang,, I mainly enjoy reading and learning from all the comments.  But on this Favorite Key voting I'll have to throw in my two cents.  From my key collection, I would pick the Navy Flameproof for its solid feel.  And also, 'The key that won WWII', the J-37,  which owes it feel to the leaf spring design. 
George WA5HRC

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I might as well jump in with my favorite keys since I have seen the likes of mine popup quite frequently. I still have the J-38 that I used as a novice and consider it one of my favorites! I also have a Bunnell J-38 that is another favorite. I have had quite a few different keys and probably still do. Probably the thing I like about the different keys is they way they play. I just acquired a CJB flameproof this past year. I haven't done a lot of rag chewing lately, but I like the way it operates. I have an Amplidan that I like but takes up too much operating table space...thinking of selling it. I have a Ham Key, a high mound HK-705, a couple of Nye straight keys, etc that don't get used.

I have several Vibroplex bug. My Original Deluxe from the '60 has seen many QSO's and is my favorite. However, its somewhat retired. A couple years ago, I bought a Blue Racer, thanks Johnny, which is in my operating position. I have a J-36 and Les Logan bug which I have never put on the air.

One of favorite paddles is the NorCal kit that have have used for years. K8RA, Jerry, sent me a QSL that I sent him back in his novice days. I wanted a newer paddle and bought the P-6. It was set perfectly for me right out of the box! Love that paddle! Being a sucker for keys, I bought a Benali Simplex after the P-6 and it has is the one that I use, probably because it takes up less operating space.

With SKN coming up, I will probably go with the Bunnell J-38. Hope! to work some of these keys we've been discussing!

Rich K8MEG

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