The key to success...

Michael McEwen

Terrible pun, I know...

Keys are like women (or men if you are a YL)...some work better for you than others...none are bad, just different.

Now I am probably QRP CW (CC&R) for all but V/UHF FM.  Life is strange...55 years ago...I was amazed to get a 5W Novice XMTR kit and have my Dad's SWL receiver.   My key was hand-made.

Got a few bucks left over after the move.  My choices for my crappy fist are the Bengali Postal or Camelback.  Given my little disability (a bit of residual nerve damage, thanks ISIS). I think the Camelback may be my best looks more "restful."

I'm receiving pretty well on the attic 20 and 17 and the outdoor 40 NVIS...May even try some QRP SSB...Just found my J-38 so plinkity plink may come out of the LD5, too. I think my Icom 718 got crunched in the move.

SO glad to be semi-back-on-the-air....
_ _ ...   ... _ _

Doc - K5OSA

4SQRP #801 - NAQCC #7625 - SKCC #10098
FISTS #17157 - OMISS #9886 - Flying Pigs #3587

Michael T McEwen
Lt Col, US Army, Ret
Cellular Phone:  580 919-9205

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