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​I may have to replace my Icom 718, I would just as soon get an amp for my LD5 when I am using it at home QTH.   I
​am guessing (but may well be wrong) that 30-50W will work as well as 100, most of the time...such has been my experience.  Wish THyP were still doing their 45W amp...I am hesitant to buy used (esp with amps).  I would like a 30-50 W amp for my LD5...desk space is now a major factor...a new 718 or Yeasu 450 would be OK, but I'd like to get down to one XCVR.  I think I am going to be allowed my hex beam with the rotator about equal to roof line - 20'.  My 40M end fedz is not even noticed
​.   I really don't need another HF rig...the LD5 is fine...BTW, I am a retired Army guy and probably can't afford the Elecraft options...

he hex
​ beam at home,​
20/17 (and 40
) cover m
​y "home base" HF ops.

I am doing more and more QRP HF...only use higher power for nets.  5W works amazingly well with the nice and polite "big guy" operators...

Promised the XYL on our 47th Anniv last Sat that I would minimize...we have "moved down" to a smaller place and I will probably end up one laptop/radio wall...

WTHeck, it even sounds good to me now.  My Alex loop and PAR EFEDZ 10/20/40 are fine for camping.  I am not a "contester" or DX fanatic...I just enjoy what propagation God gives us each day...KISS is increasingly my motto.

A nice little amp would be fine.  Wish I could build but that is no longer and option. 

J-38 key is lost in the move...think I am getting a Bengali Camelback for and XYL conspiring behind my back...they think my hearing is worse than it is...I'll never tell...I rather have decent ears and a bad fist that vice-versa.

May you have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

Doc - K5OSA

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Michael T McEwen
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