Looking for a hand in OKC

Chris Howard w0ep

I have a favor to ask of someone in Oklahoma City.

I bought a piece of test equipment, an older HP VNA.
I need someone to pick it up for me and
store until I come through town on the 19th of December.

I will try to make it worth your while. Sure,
you can play with it until I come. I have no idea
if it works.

(I think I can get the UPS Store to do it for $$,
so all is not lost if the group answer is no.)

For that matter, MFJ is near here, if someone
wants something transported to 4-State land
on the 19th/20th of December, let me know.
(Local sales tax is about 10% - just FYI)

Columbus, Mississippi

p.s. I have often thought it would be nice to have
an internet group of some sort for the transport of
heavy radio-related stuff. Shipping a transformer
or such is a pain in the pocket book.

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