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Yes, we've all got about three more weeks of increased darkness in the mornings (and in the evenings as well). 

As noted below I missed the Wednesday night activity on 40m and 80m.  But this morning's 40m net was great; only wish there had been more QNIs. 

In NJ Terry, Paul and Darryl were all at 569 for 80 percent of their transmissions.  Bill was at 579 for 80 percent.  The 20-percent parts were due to QSB whose pattern was very deep--down to readability of zero, but thankfully very brief, each time only lasting a couple of seconds or so. 

My inverted L antenna (68' up and 98' out), resurrected after a couple of years when the original support, a white ash tree, died, worked well.  It will improve when it changes into a Tee antenna with 68' up and two opposing legs of ~86' out, for that will cancel out the radiation and reception by the two horizontal legs.

As for Wednesday night, I was QRV in QRP ARCI's annual Topband sprint (scheduled duration is six hours to help the west coast stations).  There was a dearth of activity, and I, as well as everyone of the 19 stations I QSO'd, went QRT after about three hours.

In fact this minimal activity seems to be characteristic of many of QRP ARCI's contests.  In their 2014 Topband sprint only 19 stations sent in their logs.  Compare this to NAQCC's Topband two-hour sprint in January 2015 with 54 logs posted, or the hastily called Topband 90-minute Fox Hunt Extravaganza, decided upon at very short notice for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving of last week, that had 44 logs posted.

Methinks there needs to be a lot more attention and energy that needs to be injected by QRP ARCI into publicizing, reporting and recognizing individual achievements into this, as well as the other contests it sponsors rather weakly.

Enuf soapbox from comparatively roasty-toasty NJ, with our 45-degree temperature at net time this morning.


Charles (aka Chas), W2SH     

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GM pretty propagation last night, and fantastic on 40 this morning.  Paul was as loud as I've ever heard him, Bill was booming in, and Charles was a solid 569 on the S-meter.  Great morning to be on 40M.  Thaks to all, making it in were:

Thanks to all es cu next week.

I love this radio stuff!
72 73

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