guys and gals!  need help  i ordered the 30 meter rock mite .eff.mod,in 
closer the works..well guess what i cant see with my diabetes and age . 
i cant see well enough to build .  have built lots of rigs over the 
years.ats 3,4,sierra.rock mites 4sqrp abt all of their stuff.well that 
was in the past hi hi .thought i would try one more been a couple yrs. 
since i tried to get the old iron hot. well enough of the whining   GOD 
has give me a blessed life. bottom line i will be glad to pay for some 
one to build this little rig for me . winter time is a fun time at the 
bench THAT is hi hi . i have put the sip pins on the board and ground on 
the crystals. that's all had to stop when i tried to inventory parts .if 
there is any buliders out there contact me at jijvd@...    am 
good on qrz   thanks JIM KC0DD      HAVE A BLESSED DAY

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