Re: Good Day to Build

Jim Kortge

On 3/24/2013 5:19 PM, WA0ITP wrote:
Looks like it has been a good dat to build all over the 4 state area.

About 2" here on the ground, none in the streets. Working on installing an HPM
in an Altoids along with a switch, battery, jacks, and a power indicating LED.
Kinda tight.

What's on your bench today?
You know and the rest of the 4 State gang are probably wishing they did too. Just my way of tweaking interest in the latest goodie from the K8IQY lab. :-)

Terry, maybe you could post that picture that I sent you and folks can start guessing what it is? We could turn it into a contest and the first person who figures it out gets a free one when it is ready to go......


Jim, K8IQY

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