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n0jrn <n0jrn@...>

An electronic keyer specifically for my Swan 700cx.

Using the Island Keyer II, a small audio amp from Kitsandparts
and HamGadgits keying adaptor.

Front panel pots for On/Off and volume, weight, tone and speed,
as well as momentary switches as required by the keyer.

My 700cx sidetone leaves a lot to be desired so desided to build
up a keyer with sidetone. Rear panel will have jacks for power,
paddles, bug and line out.

Working on the screen print now for both panels. Publisher does
a good job for that.

I've got a PigRig waiting in the wings but this one is the PigRig Plus.

Just need to get it going. Doesn't seem like I can get my teeth into
that one. It's has 72 seperate roids in it. OUCH.. Makes my fingers
hurt just thinking about it. LOL

I don't know if a picture will make it through the reflector but
I attached one of a previous rig. 60 roids on the filter boards
alone. :(

I've got all the metal for the encloure waiting. Will someone send
me on of those ROUND TO IT's LOL

73 and happy building to all:

Jerry N0JRN

----- "WA0ITP" <> wrote:

Looks like it has been a good dat to build all over the 4 state area.

About 2" here on the ground, none in the streets. Working on
installing an HPM
in an Altoids along with a switch, battery, jacks, and a power
indicating LED.
Kinda tight.

What's on your bench today?

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