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Michael McEwen

OK, my wife and my shrink said to fess up when you need help.  I am buried in electro/ham radio trivia...cables beyond belief, wall warts, modems (of all kinds), an HP scanner/fax, a fine Toshiba XP laptop, 17" monitor, keyboards, mice.  I no longer need this stuff, yada, yada, yada.  I don' want money...I would like to do something other than use the trash.  Sorting this stuff is driving me nuts along with my other duties (outside the shack)...Christmas is getting close...the garage is almost full of the packing boxes.  I haven't even been able to find my low W soldering iron to try to get my QRP rig finished (all built and tested but needs to be mounted with the other stuff on the board (NS40, J-38, magic box, Ozark Patrol) and debugged, I guess...Have EndFedz TF 40/20/10 (and MFJ 259 analyzer) and batt for it.  Lotsa wire ants for all else

Just would like to have the hex for my Icom 718 so I can do some fairly regular CW/HF...listening on 7.030+- for CW most nights, but no TX...

Will provide great lunches at local restaurants...

PS, still trying to find someone to put up a simple 20-25ft mast for my rotator and KIO hex (17/20).

PPS, I am a wimp...doc and XYL say no more climbing...35 year Army half, spec ops, last half chaplain/shrink,...80% DB...all ortho I think...brain is still problematic ;-} ...

Here endeth the whine...
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Doc - K5OSA

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Michael T McEwen
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