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Thanks Steve, this sounds perfect. Could you write up a little list of baby steps to get us started? The CW Communicator sounds pretty good for roundtable chats, or a meeting place if I read. it right.

72 Terry WAƘITP

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CW over the Internet is fun. And it has already been done for us. IMNSHO, CW Communicator by MRX Software is the best Morse over Internet application, bar none. It was invented by a ham, John Samin VK1EME. There is no need to join EchoLink or any other system, the CW Comm. applications stands alone

<>; home page
<>; download page
<>; see all users active on system

The application is free, small and works w/ Windows only.

The input can be a key/paddle, the keyboard "down arrow", mouse buttons (iambic), keyboard alpha-numeric input or a text file.

The key/paddle interface is simple and designed for serial port. If you have USB only, a serial to usb convertor is necessary.

Reception is by audio tone (sine wave, variable frequency), blinking LED and/or PC monitor screen. The incomming code can be slowed down (or sped up) without having the sending operator QRS or QRQ.

Many hams and non-hams alike all over the globe are on the system. Plenty of 'room' is available for QSOs; there are 64000 'channels'. There is also code practice running almost continuously on several channels.

I'm certain I've left something out but the web site pretty much explains things.

73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL

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Subject: [4sqrp] Morse Over Internet - Project for the New Year ?
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I have a thought that CW over the internet might be fun and provide some
cw enjoyment for those who are radio or antenna challenged. Challenging
propagation figures into the equation also. It would be a good club
benefit for members who can't participate in the on the air activites.

Is anyone in the Group familiar with doing this and could lead us in
setting up a simple and inexpensive "station" ? I can envision nets and
casual QSOs, and members monitoring the system to snag other members as
they called CQ, etc. Key design goals would be simple, cheap, and easy
to implement.

Any interest? Anyone with knowledge of it ? Can we do it? Should we do it?


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