Re: Morse Over Internet - Project for the New Year ?

Cliff Fox (KU4GW)

I used to do some Morse via the web running this small program called CWCom available for free at It has different rooms or servers to enter to find someone to talk to which brings me to why I rarely used it. A lot of the time I couldn't find anyone else online to do code with. You can wire a key to use, but I never did because you can use the down arrow on the computer keyboard for a straight key.
There's also a website at that allows CW over the internet, You have to build a sound card interface or a sidetone generator to use with it. I like the easiest way which is why I liked CWCom by MRX Software the best. Food for thought! 

Merry Christmas everyone!
Very 72 de KU4GW Cliff 


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