Re: Good Day to Build

Dan Reynolds

Well, we finally got it. Seems like we've escaped all the bad winter weather. I don't know how you really measure snow but a ruler my wife stuck into the snow on our deck is rapidly disappearing!

They say we're due for 5 more inches. That would put it at about 17" but I doubt we'll get that much. Problem here is that the city & county don't know how to deal with it when it gets this deep. Wind is horrible. Temperature is 31 F. Supposed to warm up so it won't be around long but while it is! Whoo-wee! Lot's of fender benders and the local authorities have been on TV saying stay home.

I fixed the screen on my granddaughter's netbook today. This is the second time I've had to fix it! Ugh...
But what are you going to do?

I dug out a Taurus SSB  that I'm trying to build for 40 meters. Trying to figure out where I left off and trying to verify everything I need to "change" to put it on 40.

Looking forward to O'con. We're close now.

73  --  Dan  --  KB9JLO

PS Had a nice 20 M SSB QSO this afternoon with CT.

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