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Donald Kelly



This is a twin T that I use in one of my transceivers:


This fun to make but kinda raspy:





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A Twin T is hard to beat, so is a phase shifter like Jim has in the MagicBox.
Simple and smoooth.

I love this radio stuff !

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| Good evening gang. Well, we got plenty of snow here in central Illinois.
| In between other projects and naps I've been thinking about some
| different projects.
| Any suggestions for a moderately simple transistor based (vs. an I.C. of
| some sort) audio oscillator? I'd like something for a practice
| oscillator, sidetone, etc. that isn't all raspy and nasty sounding like
| a 555 timer based circuit. Doesn't have to drive a speaker directly, I'd
| just like a nice sine wave that I could couple into a separate small amp.
| 73,
| Tim N9PUZ
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