Re: O.T. RF quiet desk lamp?

chuck adams <chuck.adams.k7qo@...>

I guess we are all experimenting with the new LED lights.

In 1966-67 time frame, I was working at TI in north Dallas
and Plano area doing some work with Jack Kilby et al.

I was in a hallway and an engineer came walking by with
a little black box and pushbutton. A little red light came on
when the button was pushed. It was the first LED off the
assembly line. Ever.

I have bought two different goose neck LED 3.0-3.4W LED
desk lamps from Wally*World (Wal*Mart).

One has a 9.5cm diameter disc and about 3cm thick at
the thickest part. Rated at 39mA current draw at 120V.
Made by Intertek and part number 3184654. It has no
RFI that I can detect and I use one at my operating position.
3W for lighting and 1W of RF at ham frequencies. QRP all the way.
:-) Cost is just under $13. I think it is rated at 1200 lumens and
not the daylight spectrum.

Another LED desk lamp at the same power level that Wally*World
has costs just under $15 and has a spherical cover. This one is a
very good noise generator.

So beware. You may have to experiment and report back your
findings. This is QRP related as we all are weak signal searchers
on the bands.

One experiment I'd like to see some one do. Use a UV level meter.
I think there may be a cheap one for sunbathers. Check the UV
level of the CFLs for cool white and daylight levels. Do the same
for the LEDs. A lot of UV is not good for the unprotected eye.

chuck, k7qo

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