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Johnny AC0BQ

Ga Jim:
Nice looking project board!
I would be very interested in these items.
Sounds like a lot of "learning fun" to me!

On Monday, March 25, 2013, Jim Kortge wrote:

On 3/25/2013 1:41 PM, Tom wrote:
> Can you tell me a bit more about the utility board?

Yes! The project photo that Terry posted is built on one of two
"Designers Dream" (sm) utility boards. A UB2 was use for the project
shown in the photo, as it was specifically designed for fabricating RF
Amplifiers of various sorts easily. The companion board, the UB1,
contains circuitry for a variety of "building blocks" including
regulated power supply, electronic switches(2), oscillator, mixer,
crystal filter, LP and BP filters, and high bandwidth IC amplifier.
Each of the board types has an area reserved for "bread boarding"
circuits that are not part of the standard circuitry. Much of what I
built on the UB2 in the photo takes advantage of that bread boarding
real estate.

A while back I built a 17 to 40-meter converter on a UB1, and a
complete 10-meter transmitter on a UB1 and Mantattan-style UB2. I
believe photos of those projects are on the 4SQRP web site.

Currently, both boards have been through a Beta PCB run with 10 sets
of boards being manufactured. Since there were bought with my money,
I've kept 5 sets of them, sent one set to Terry, WA0ITP for a project
he has in mind, and donated the remaining 4-sets of boards to 4 State
QRP to be given away as door prizes at Ozarkcon. If you go to
Qzarkcon, you could win a set!

Eventually, we hope to be able to offer the board set and a limited
set of parts as another of the high quality kits that 4 State QRP
makes available. Don't ask when that might occur, we just don't know
what the timing will be at this point in time. However, if that kind
of kit is of interest to you, Terry, WA0ITP would sure like to know.
That might help us set the target date for their release.

I hope the above description is sufficient. Now I'm going to go back
to work on the "mystery project" in the photo that Terry posted. :-)


Jim, K8IQY

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