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On 02/21/2016 11:42 AM, lionking45 lionking45@... [4sqrp] wrote:
I am convinced one can work DXCC in this contest QRP.  Someone should take that on as a challenge.  I picked up the 22 that I needed for DXCC just on Saturday morning in a few hours.

Ariel NY4G

I picked up my best distance at 1W on 20m to ZL-land.  10,832km total distance.

One thing about these guys.  They have good receivers.  AND they have great
antennas.  Most are running 1KW, thus the 599 kw on their end of the exchange.
This means almost no power loss in the antenna system.

I took on the contest yesterday for another reason.  To get as many states as
I needed for WAS with the 1W.  Was at 43 when I started and ended up at 48.
I need NV and NM.  Close in.

To work a US station you have to listen to see if they are working stateside.
A number of the contestants want to work DX only, as that is where the points

I worked mostly KH6, KH7 and JA for DX.  Picked up a few new countries, but
I wasn't trying.  I had a very very slow rate on my contacts per hour as I spent
most of the time listening for the states I needed. 

Bet Ariel's code speed went up.  And he is hearing DX when the faucet is running.
You tend to hear code signals in anything that makes noise after a contest.

HINT.  Set two messages in your keyer.  I use a CMOS III with the 1W in straight
key mode.  Call in MSG 1 and 599 AZ (my state) in MSG 2.  I never had to send
the other guys call.  He sent CQ.  I sent K7QO.  He sent K7QO 599 kw and I
immediately sent 599 AZ and that was all.  Some sent TU (for thank you) and
started the CQ again.  It is fast.  It is easy.  No carpal tunnel and no work.
Just log 'em.  For contest operations, do not send anything that does not count
in the exchange.  These guys are fast.  You don't need to send K for go ahead.
They'll come back in milliseconds of your last character in your state.  Guaranteed.
Time is points.

chuck, k7qo

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