Ozarkcon Update


OzarkCon 2013 is upon us. Preregistration is now closed, the badges are being
made, and the packets are being filled. If you missed pregregistion, not to
worry, the registration booth in the lobby will open on Friday at 4PM.

This is the 10th anniversary of OzarkCon and the 5th year in Branson. An
anniversary cake will be the banquet dessert, a some will undoubtedly be left
over for Saturday morning breakfast. The banquet speaker is Joe Porter,W0MQY,
who will speak about Four State's early days.

Here's some conference stats:
. 111 preregistrations
. 101 banquet meals
. 32 in the Build Session
. 27 swap tables reserved
. 60 prizes work well over $2000

. All the Stonecastle arrangements are done and the schedule of events is the
same as last year.

. We have another outstanding line up of presenters, another super banquet, and
a great build session.

. The swap tales are maxxed out and overflowing into the lobby again this year.

Many thanks to all who preregistered. Please refer to the web site for
additional information. http://www.ozarkcon.com/index.php

72 es cu in Branson on April 5 and 6.
I love this radio stuff !

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