Re: looking for a simple pcb program and pcbs

Bob Nelson

ExpressPCB is the way to go when you are serious about a board you want.
It will cost you about $100 for a pair of beautiful double-sided boards with plated-thru holes.
You lay out the board using their free schematic-drawing and pcb-layout software.
It's quite easy to learn their s/w, and when you have the pcb laid out the way you want it,
you simply email your design to them, and in about a week you get back your boards.

Now $100 may seem like a bit much for a board where you are still experimenting with the
circuit.  So you may be better served by using super-cheap "matrix-pc" boards until you have
the circuit at least 95% "proven".  These matrix boards are used by lots of professionals, too,
so they are available from a lot of suppliers, including Jameco, All-Electronics, Electronics
Goldmine, etc.  I have a pile of them, in different dimensions and formats, that I use all the time. 
Some simply have holes on a 0.1 inch grid (each hole with a copper donut around it).  And some
have that same 0.1-grid of holes, but all holes in each row connected by strips of copper.  Some are
good for one thing, some another.  For complex circuits I often use some of both kinds of board.

Then when I know the circuit is "proven" I go to ExpressPCB.  Their product is great, and very much
worth the money IMHO.   I've never been sorry about the service I have gotten from them - especially
when their s/w is so prosfessional and so cheap.  For cheap, it's very hard to beat FREE.

For my money this process beats the snot out of designing and etching your own boards at home.

73 - Bob, K6KL

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Also looking for some ready-made pcbs that just have a pattern of holes and or pads on them to wire up “stuff.â€

Would the 4 State QRP #1 Designer Dream Board fit your needs Phil?  Please check the web site; I think they are still available.

Looking forward the OZcon-2016!

Can't make it this year.......


Jim, K8IQY

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