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Bob Nelson

One thing I should have mentioned about prototyping on "matrix boards":
You will want to buy such boards that are made with a phenolic base material.
Not fiberglass, like the ubiquitous FR-4 material.  The reason is that phenolic
is easy to drill and cut.  Fiberglass can be drilled and cut too, but it is much
harder on your tools (and that is why professionals use carbide-tipped drills).
ExpressPCB gives you your final boards in fiberglass form.  But while you are
still experimenting on your way to the final circuit, phenolic will be a far more
friendly material to work with.
73 - Bob, K6KL

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There are other board makers who use the ExperssPCB files at less cost.

FutureLEC PCB service with comparable quality and FAR Circuits without plated through holes.

I've used FutureLEC very good but much slower.  Far Circuits for single side boards using SMT parts and through-hole parts mounted SMT style, e.g., Pittsburg style.

I believe there are a couple others also.

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