Re: A Good Night for Finishing Pig Rig Inventory

Stephen Roberts <steverob@...>

Yes, those are nasty to wind. I hope I got mine right. I guess I'll find out when I do my smoke test. BTW, is there any way to test a toroid to ensure that you got it right? Installing caps this afternoon and winding the rest of the toroids.


On Mar 26, 2013, at 11:41 AM, David Martin wrote:

Maybe I should go back and check my small binocular, I re-did my big binocular 3 times before I was satisfied I did it right.

But the first problem I had with the big binocular was I had soldered the "end" connections into the holes for the capacitors !!  After that I questioned everything I did with that big binocular.

David Martin - K5DCM - Mountain Home Ar.

Quoting "Lee Mairs (SAG)" :

The first small binocular toroid has been driving me crazy for two days now.  I keep losing count and end up unwinding everything to start over again.
Can anybody tell me if there is enough excess 34 ga magnet wire in the kit to trye and start over again.  I suspect my first (and second thru sixth) try wire has a lot of nicks in it.
73 de Lee
Romney, WV

On 3/25/2013 5:44 PM, Louis Axeman wrote:
Good luck to you, also, Steve.  I hope the toroids wind up successfully.  Will probably start soldering resistors tomorrow and then try toroids.
Lou, N8LA

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Good luck Lou. My first post here and I just started my pig rig too. Going to wind my toroids tonight if I can.


--- In, Louis Axeman wrote:
> Greetings,
> Finally finished inventorying Pig Rig #204 parts tonight so this is a good night for me. 
> 72/73,
> Lou, N8LA

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