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David Lininger

I've used Open Office for several years now. We're all Mac, and have
been for many years, and don't have any Microsoft products on the
computers. The default settings are not Microsoft ones, but you can
easily save something in MS format if you need to send it to someone who
doesn't have OO.

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Go for Open Office. It has a whole bunch of programs including the
spreadsheet that are almost totally compatible with Excel. I think Open
Office works better and it is totally free.

Jim - W0EB

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GM all,

I'm looking for a free spreadsheet program, something compatible with
Excel. I've upgraded my computer and am trying to get it to the same
functionality that I had with my 10 yr old and injured (read that as vy
slow) machine. I want to run it locally, not in the cloud, an older
free version of Excel would be perfect, but I don't think they exist.
I'd prefer a stand alone version rather than a huge download. Can Open
Office's Calc be downloaded independently from the rest of it?

Anyone have a favorite? TIA

I love this radio stuff.

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