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Hello gang, 

Thanks to all who have labored to put on a wonderful conference.  As you all know, OzarkCon holds a very special meaning to me.  The friends, the technologies shared, and just having fun makes ham radio a priceless hobby.  I hope you all had as good a time as I did and most of all a safe return.  May God bless you all for making my life richer through a hobby we all hold so dear. 72 and see you all next year.
Joe   W0MQY   

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Re: We made it home also by "Johnny Matlock" ac0bq

1a Re: We made it home also
Sun Apr 3, 2016 9:23 pm (PDT) . Posted by: "Johnny Matlock" ac0bq
Good evening all:
Pam and I are getting close, took a little detour thru OKC play with a new
granddaughter for a few hours!!
We're about an hour from Home sweet HOME!!
Wish all safe travels.
Johnny AC0BQ

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> Toodles and I have been home a couple hours and unpacked. Toodles has
> another conference this week. I have to finish emptying the camper out as
> we go pick up the new one next Saturday..
> Ozarkcon was a blast. Thanks to all the 4 Staters that helped put it on. A
> BIG thanks goes out to the presenters that step up and say YES I will
> present. Thank you. I have notes started for Ozarkcon 2017 so we will try
> our best to make it a good one. FUN FUN>
> Thanks again and see U at Brutus.
> de Paul N0NBD

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