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    Is it possible to get your presentation and schematics ?


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Getting back to normal after another excellent OzarkCon.  Thanks to all the organizers. Good to see a lot of familiar faces and a few new ones.
On the way up, Jim N5IB and I stopped at the Buffalo River in Pruitt, AR on HWY 7 and tried a little NOPTA action. I managed just one QSO on 40 meters while Jim did maybe 15 or so on 20.  But it was a great spot to stop and set up the little rigs on picnic tables next to the river.
I enjoyed the presentations. They inspired me to try a few things and try harder at a few others.
I always enjoy the in-hotel QSO party and managed three total this year.  I’m thinking next year maybe a tiny homebrew rig dedicated just to that purpose. How hard could it be?
Nick, WA5BDU

David Martin - K5DCM - Mountain Home, Ar.

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