That Strange Noise On 40 Meter CW

Sam Neal


After 50 plus years of electronic keyers, I decided to join the bug operators
again. It arrived today ( VIZ vertical bug ) and is a thing of beauty - about
99 % polished brass.

I hooked it up to my WRL Globe Chief and had a nice QSO with W8TY in Lima Ohio
who was running a 5763 at 8 Watts ( and was very patient with my terrible
keying ).

This will certainly take some getting used to, after chasing DX at 45 WPM with
keyers, not having used a bug in 50 - 55 years.

How do you get used to having to manually make the dashes. I tried opening up
the spacing on the dots and dashes, but I still sound " like a beginner with
his first bug"!

I hooked it to a solid state code practice oscillator left over from my code
class teaching days. Had to because keying cathode keyed rigs like the AT-1
and DX-20 place some pretty potent Voltage on parts of the bug.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Sam Neal N5AF

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