Second Sunday Sprint coming up

John Lonigro

This coming Sunday (April 10th) is the April Second Sunday Sprint (SSS). The operating rules haven't changed. The frequencies haven't changed. The time hasn't changed (7:00-9:00 pm CDT). However, the method of reporting your score HAS changed. No longer should you send me an email with your results. Instead, thanks to Diz (W8DIZ), you need to go to "" to log your scores. When you get there, select the 4SQRP Second Sunday Sprint. Once you do that, click on AUTOLOG reporting and go from there. The logging software does all the calculating and tabulating. If you have any questions that the Contest Rules link doesn't answer, please email me.

This is the first month of the new reporting method, but I've done extensive testing (slight exaggeration) and it all seems to work FB. The only change is the scores from November, 2015 through December, 2016 will be combined to determine the overall 2016 winner. Previously, it was November through September. After 2016, the contest year will coincide with the calendar year (January - December). From now on, the year's top score will be announced in January of the following year. As usual, please submit your scores promptly.

I will be busy with house guests and a family wedding this weekend and won't be checking my email very regularly. especially in the evenings.

Let's have a lot of participation this weekend, to wring out the new system.


John, AA0VE

(Had a great time at Ozarkcon, as usual. Lots of good prizes, good food, and (last but not least) good companionship!)

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