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     I did some searching and as you said the short answer is yes, but some of the discussion I saw  indicated that for each change in feedback voltage, the program would have to be ran again.  Not to mention knowing the motional parameters of any crystals in an oscillator. Which is unrelated to the regen I am playing with.

     I am totally unfamiliar with the lt spice program and I think I would have to practice a long  while to get it going, if at all, maybe.


On 3/26/2013 6:19 PM, Tom wrote:

Short answer is 'yes' long answer is a bit more complicated. As an example, you can model a crystal oscillator, but as all the components are "perfect" there is no noise in the resistors and transistors that in the real world is what starts the oscillation. In Spice you get around this by modeling a voltage source that induces a little kick to get things started.

A regerative receiver would be an interesting model as the feedback to start the thing is carefully controlled so as not to actually run away and turn into a full blown oscillator.

Though I haven't done so- a query on the LT Spice Yahoo Group might yield some interesting answers (as might a simple Google Search)

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> Would this work for a regenerative radio?
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