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Jim Sheldon

It's a 21 foot untuned vertical.  Needs a good tuner and at least 4 fifteen foot radials, preferably 6 or even 8 or more.  With a good tuner and plenty of radials, it will work 80-6 meters.  It's not the best for portable as it only collapses down to about 6 feet.  It does work better than something like the PAC-12 or a mobile whip.  It must be used with a tuner and it really needs a fairly good radial field to work.  Speaking from experience because I own one.

Jim, W0EB

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Loops N More spec's on the grasshopper are rather sparse...
SWR <1.5 on most bands is not very informative !!

David Martin - NA1MH

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Hi David,

It was the "Grasshopper"  made an sold by Loops and More
I love this radio stuff.
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A couple of years ago at OzarkCon, someone was selling a vertical
antenna and K0N was using one of the antennas.
I can't remember the name for sure, I think it was something like
cricket, or maybe nothing like that....

Does anybody remember the name of the antenna and if there is a web page
for the person selling it ?

David Martin - NA1MH - Mountain Home, Ar.

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