Re: HF propagation versus space weather.

Sean Edwards

Here is a near real time VHF propagation map:

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Also try VE3EN's site for Solar.

J. Hodgson

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This is a very busy page and there are actually menus of maps to choose.  I was looking at the global f0f2 map on Friday when I noted most of the US, except the east coast, in yellow and red, meaning that the critical frequency for propagation was very low (if I’m reading it correctly).  It worked for me that day!


Chas - NK8O

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GA Chas,

Do you have a link to the map page?  Sounds lke an excellent tool.

I love this radio stuff.
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There actually are maps that tell you where some of the pockets of activity might be.  Central & western US were terrible the other day and the maps reflected that.  But there was a thin rim along the NE coast of the US that showed good propagation in ME MA, etc., and also in parts of EU.  It turned out to be true.  I had a great day right along the coast working DX but my friends in the midwest heard nothing, and I heard nothing from the midwest.



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Well said.

Ed - ad7gr

Re: HF propagation versus space weather.
Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:34 am (PDT) . Posted by: "Bill Cromwell" ku8h


Space weather influences our ionosphere and that in turns influences to
where the various bands might be open. But the ionosphere is not a
homogeneous sphere. The best and first tool to determine to where you
can operate is your radio. Do turn it on. Look around. See who is there.
If you can hear them you can possibly work them. Makes some calls. It's
spelled CQ. It's a mistake to look at a 'gloomy' report or worse - a
mere forecast - and decide to not even turn the radio on. Look at
several bands...even bands that the vaunted forecast says will be
*dead*. Radio is full of surprises and that is the magic. If nobody
turns the radio on and actually makes a call...the bands will be *dead*
regardless of the space weather.


Bill KU8H

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