Re: Tonights 40m net, Important information, please read!

Don Wilhelm

It may be time to investigate NVIS antennas for 40 meters for those of you in the 4 states area - not good for those of us who are more remote.

Of course even that those may not be effective for those committed to 5 watts output or less, ground absorption may take its toll on radiated power even with NVIS antennas. It may be time to consider Effective Radiated Power for QRP operation rather than power output from the transmitter.

Put up a 40 meter dipole 10 to 20 feet off the ground and give it a try. The length may vary significantly from the "standard" cut formula of 468 divided by frequency in MHz, so cut it long and trim while using your antenna analyzer.

Yes, 40 meters goes long here prior to sunset. I hear lots of Europeans from my location 150 miles from the East coast on my inverted vee with the center at 50 feet.


On 4/27/2016 7:30 PM, Johnny Matlock [4sqrp] wrote:

I would bet I'm on your Qsp list, Wayne

40 always seems long!!
Johnny AC0BQ

On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, Wayne Dillon <> [4sqrp] < <>> wrote:

G'day all.
Starting this evening I'm going to incorporate QSP's into the net
operation. This necessitates a more formalized approach to the net

so with that in mind I sought the wisdom of the group and an
operator whose skills and knowledge I hold in very high regard has
walked me through the basic procedure. Here is how it will proceed:

At net start time I will make the following call - CQ 4SQRP CQ
4SQRP CQ 4SQRP Wayne FT920 G5RVjr 5 WATTS KS. CQ 4SQRP QNI K? (@ 12
WPM), please await the K before responding.
As you check in I will respond individually with R R your call
then AS (AS Sent as one character di dah di di dit) Thus I will
create a list of callers. When a lull in check-ins occurs I'll
call one more time CQ 4SQRP QNI K?
Further check-ins will be acknowledged as above.

With the list as complete as possible I will ask for QSP's - 4SQRP
de NQ0RP QSP?K If there are any relays, now's your chance. The QSP
station will relay the call and other info from the station
requesting assistance. The station performing the QSP will retain
his/her position on the list and will be called in turn.

When any QSP business is taken care of I will go down the list,
calling each station in the order I checked them in.

With business complete I will close the net with - de NQ0RP QNI
nil The 4SQRP net meets wednesdays at 19:30 CT on 7122 kHz all are
welcome dit dit. (again at 12wpm)

PLease be aware that this is a learning process for me. It's as
daunting for me as when I started the informal net a while back
(how many years Terry?) Some of you may already be conversant with
net procedures, please be patient with me, I'll do the best I can.
As I get more of them under my belt it'll get easier for everyone.

Thanks to all for your encouragement and I hope understanding of
my mistakes,
Vy 72/3 es God Bless de Wayne - NQ0RP


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