Only 4 days left until the WBB at FDIM!

Rex Harper


Only four more days until the BIG event.

Only for more days to round up the proper attitude, lighted pocket magnifier or visor, small needle-nose pliers and travel DMM if you think you might need one!

Here is a link to the parts prep document that tells you how the parts were prepped:
And a link to the pictorial of the WBB kit parts:

Only one transistor so surely you can spot THAT at a reasonable distance as well as the crystal, push button switch and 9 volt battery snap. Get those out of the way first. There are 2 styles of caps with most of them being QUALITY monolithics (no throwing caps away and replacing them with known good ones here!) with .1" lead spacing. Set the caps with .1" lead spacing aside and continue sorting the remaining parts. There are TWO 220pf caps with .4" style resistor leads so you can sort them out very quickly. Now you are left with just the resistors and axial chokes which look very similar!

A DMM would most likely only help identifying the resistors and with only 6 in the kit it really isn't necessary BUT you do have to separate them from the axial chokes which have similar shapes and color bands!  First off, the resistors all have blue bodies.  There are 6 resistors already precut & preformed. Look for 2 identically shaped and stripped resistors and they will be 10Ks. The resistor that looks close but no cigar is the 100 ohm-er and the odd resistor out is the 4.7K which of course has a hard to see yellow band at one end or the other depending upon how you look at it. The last 2 are easy to identify as the ZERO ohm resistor has a single black stripe and the 51 ohm resistor may or may not have a green band on as the 1st (or last band) depending upon how you are looking at it and weather or not you can see the color green....

Now you are left with the axial chokes. Color and shape/size are the key elements to telling them apart. More on this later.... gotta go load a truck.


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