Re: Possible scammer at work

Don Wilhelm


I would think it would be quite difficult to detect scammers when they sign up for a group like this. This is an "open group" rather than a "closed group" where everyone must be specifically invited by the moderator. As far as I know, there is no in-between ground.

What is important is that the moderator of the group has the ability to block anyone from posting. If this particular subscriber has not already been blocked, the administrator of this list is to blame. I have seen at least 2 posts (or maybe 3) from this particular scam on 4sqrp.

I have also seen this "offering" once on the KX3 Yahoo Group, and the moderator has blocked the scammer after the 1st post.

In this particular case, the address of the poster does not match the 'supposed' seller - that is an immediate clue that the post is a scam.

I cannot speak for those moderating and other "sell ham radio" sites, but as always it is "buyer beware". If it looks 'too good to be true', it likely is. Don't send money until you have checked it out - FCC database,, etc. If the seller demands a cash, bank transfer or USPS money order, be cautious. PayPal has resolution methods that work (I have personal experience, but only on minor amounts).

Most hams are honest, but it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bushel. Practice "safe computing", whatever that may mean in the situation.


On 5/16/2016 7:22 PM, Nate Bargmann [4sqrp] wrote:

It has been so long since I signed up for the group/mailing list that I
don't recall if the membership must be approved for subscription. I
know some groups are somewhat restrictive, perhaps for this reason, and
require a personal note to the list/group owner for approval.

That said, while I don't want the tone of this group to become a clique
that is not welcoming to newcomers--in fact this group is exactly the
opposite--there should be a means to do a simple check to keep scammers
from just being able to blast their nonsense to several hundred of us at

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