Re: Best GO BAG for airlines? Antenna on 7th floor condo!


None of this would be a problem if you would just drive there.
However, if you were looking forward to removing half your clothing and getting a pat-down, and if you're lucky maybe even groped, you might try talking to the xyl before you hit the road.

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Hey All,
Thanks for confirming that I’m still part of the group even though I’m 74.9999 years old, hi.
About the GO BAG. I am searching for a sturdy but small bag/case I can “check” with the airlines. Here’s what I’m putting in it:~~
K1-4, K1-4 manual (maybe), SS-20 stepper supply, my older paddle (not my Italian one ), wire for 20-meter dipole,
new 25’ batch of RS-213 from DX-ENGR with PL-259’s, bit of misc tools, extension cord.......log book.
XYL (Pat) will have a laptop so maybe will get to log with that with a copy of my N3FJP program. Just a there an I-phone app for logging?
If not might have to develop one for next year, hi.
The Condo is at the corner of the building and on the seventh (top) floor near the beach of Panama City, FL., facing south.
If room, I’ll consider taking a Buddie Pole too for a beach run.
Any thoughts? I’ll be on the air July 24 through July 29.
72, Unc Phil, W0XI/4


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