3 days to the WBB event is gone and 2 days remaining is half over...

Rex Harper


Yesterday was a blur trying to get all my last minute chores done and everything packed and ready to travel. Worked all day without even stopping for lunch or dinner. Ate a few crackers while I was pushing and shoving stuff into boxes and suitcases. Went home around 11Pm, shoved some clothes into the cases, loaded the car and drove off a little after 1AM. Finally got to the FDIM hotel around 2 Oclock and now I'm right back into it trying to get ready to hand out some WBB kits tonight...

I just posted the PRELIMINARY Sorting and Assembling document here:  http://qrpme.com/docs/WBB%20Sort%20and%20Assemble.pdf

Check it out and be ready to sort and assemble tomorrow.

Less than 24 hours to the big WBB event!

Rex  W1REX

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