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Tommy Gober

I really enjoyed building bench equipment. I'm building a variable voltage power supply kit right now.
Like this:

The M12864 electronic parts identifier/tester kit is also a fun build.

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To all - 

This is my first foray on here, and as well, I'm only recently re-active in radio.

I have my venerable HW8 station set up, but it's in need of work beyond my tools and expertise. So until I get the funds saved for a KX3 (which I have a savings account for) I realize I'm going to have to build my own as I can get the $$$. I may have equipment for numerous bands, but that's what I'm going to have to deal with. I can do basic (and decent) assembly and soldering so I'm okay there. I'm looking for CW, I have a keyer and also a kit for a little micro-keyer (name eludes me at the moment). I have a random wire antenna and counterpoise with an MFJ tuner/meter.  

Mine is not a vague "what kit should I buy“ but a question of what individuals might suggest as a starting point as their personal thought. I have scoured the net and have so many options my brain hurts. (I did order a Tuna Tun II from QRPme that I will will build while a friend builds a hammered copper chassis.) I'm curious what others think. Then I can compare what I have seen with what others think, and if I see some overlap or consistencies? Then I have a starting point. 

Again, not asking "What should I buy, but what would you suggest as a starter.

Thanks for your time.

Paul (N1HOB)

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