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Charles W. Powell

I was on 20 meter up until about 1930 UTC today.  There were a few very faint US stations audible from the coast of MA, but I worked Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Finland, and Ukraine over the salt water.  Still, odd not hearing the US stations.


Chas NK8O

On May 26, 2016, at 6:19 PM, Dale Putnam daleputnam@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

The cw practice net is on.. with rain and the distant rumble of thunder.. but the sparks are so far away.. it isn't an issue.. 

The RBN reports are 34db and down.. with only 1 at 2db.. 26 stations reporting most in double digits.. 

from all over the country... 

But no checkins.. 

Leads me to think a different time would be better.. 

So.. what time is good? OR what day(s) would be better.?? 

Have a great day, 
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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