Re: battery recommendations

Charles W. Powell

For power output, weight, reliability, and safety I recommend looking into LiFePO4.  I have had dealings with Bioenno and they have delivered.  I use a 4.5 Ah battery with my KX3 but a 2.5 Ah would be plenty for field use. The batteries are rated at their full capacity, whereas lead acid are only between 50-80% of their rated capacity.  How much battery depends on power output of your radio, idling current on receive, and how long you plan to operate.


Chas NK8O

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Hi all,

I built a 40m CW transceiver, and so far I have powered it with a 12v wall wart. I'd like to run it off of a battery, and was wondering if anyone could recommend types and suppliers? I think I'd like to get LiPO batteries, but was wondering if anyone had better ideas? The rig takes 12 volts, and I have a voltage regulator that I can install. 


Scott WZØW


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