David Lininger

Many years ago we were traveling at night (well, sunset into night) when
I noticed that the low beams didn't seem to be working. High beams
worked just fine, as did parking lights. Both low beams had been working
earlier, as I drive with headlights on, and when we switched drivers I
saw that they were on. Pulled into a service station and BOTH low beams
had burned out. They said they had never seen that before. I traded the
car before the bulbs burned out, so I don't know if those two bulbs
would have burned out together.

Sometimes there really are coincidences. Glad the radio works well.

On 11/6/16 17:44, nv9x@... [4sqrp] wrote:

Everything is fine. 2 bad speakers and 2 bad headphones. Never seen
nothing like it. Crow is not bad with garlic.

Jim, NV9X

David Lininger, kb0zke
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