FD in Lawrence KS

Phil <w0xiphil@...>

Uncle Phil here:
Hope we’ll work some other 4SQRP ops during field day. The Lawrence, KS club, W0UK, is setting up at Wells Overlook south of Lawrence again this year.
Our 2A stations will be one CW and one SSB, using the N3FJP logging program. Both stations will be in tents. Wells Overlook is a good bit above
average terrain and generally does pretty well QSO wise.
Three years ago I was the lone op in the CW tent at about 8 PM, ~ 200 feet from the pavilion and in the open~ , at about 8 PM when a fast storm came up. It picked me, the station table
and the tent up a foot or so and rolled us about 8 feet to the northeast All was well and we set back up within 20 minutes and continued FD. Weird experience.
That is Kansas for ya!
Unc/ W0XI


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