June SSS Winner

John Lonigro

We seem to be in the Summer doldrums. There were three "entries", two of whom had 0 contacts. That leaves Gary KF7WNS as the clear winner for June with 2 points. Since Gary's two QSOs were with non-4SQRP members, he was the ONLY member making any contacts during the June Sprint. If it were baseball, we'd say Gary threw a shutout. But it's not baseball... Gary will be receiving his certificate in the (e)mail shortly.

I've got a suggestion for July and subsequent sprints and will try to mention it again right before the contests. If anyone spends at least 15 minutes listening or operating during the July Sprint, I'd like him to make an entry on the contest website (qrpcontest.com/4sqrp). Enter your score of 0. Don't be shy. Two of us did that for the June Sprint. Obviously, if you DO make some contacts, by all means enter them. My goal is to see how many people are participating in the Second Sunday Sprints, regardless of success. I'd feel a lot better if 10-15 (or more) people indicated they were participating, but not having any luck. In your comment field, you might mention if you tried to reply and failed, called CQ, or just listened and heard nothing. Or possibly you heard some people but, for one reason or another, didn't respond.

If the norm is one or two people participating in the Sprints, perhaps we need to rethink whether we should have monthly sprints at all.


John AA0VE
4SQRP Sprint Coordinator

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