OT: CW Operators - Semi Automatic "BUG" key Dot Stabilizers available again

Jim Sheldon

Semi-automatic "BUG" key Dot Stabilizer Information:

Back in the late 1920's early 1930's, T.R. "Ted" McElroy (Morse copying
World Champion) who also manufactured telegraph keys, came up with a
nice innovation he called his "Dot Stabilizer" which pre-loaded the
vibrating dot contact spring by a very small amount, effectively
ensuring better dot weighting and came very close to completely
eliminating the contact bounce which creates what many call "scratchy
dot syndrome". This device required replacing the existing dot contact
assembly with his stabilizer and fit only the McElroy manufactured keys.
For some unknown reason, most information on this device was either lost
or ignored during the WW2 years and after.

After accidentally rediscovering it a couple of years ago, I undertook a
slight redesign of McElroy's original device to eliminate the necessity
for replacing the vibrating dot contact assembly. This makes the device
easily installed and removed at any time with simple tools. I also came
up with a further variation on McElroy's design that can be used on even
the "Flat Pendulum" bugs such as the Vibroplex Lightning Bug, Military
J-36 and Champion models as well as various copies of them and even the
Japanese Hi Mound "Coffin" bug.

I currently make "Dot Stabilizers" for the Vibroplex, Speed-X and
McElroy keys having the round pendulum and bugs with the flat pendulum,
such as the Vibroplex Lightning Bug, Champion and WW2 military J-36 bugs
(including the Lionel models) which are based on the Lightning Bug
design. I can also manufacture them for other bugs such as the Japanese
Hi Mound ("Coffin") bug, European made (metric sizes) bugs, etc. as long
as you can supply me with the diameter (round) or thickness (flat) of
the pendulum and a sharply focused digital photo of the actual bug you
want it for. (I only need photos and pendulum dimensions for bugs other
than the McElroy and Vibroplex models.)

They can be made out of either aluminum or brass though aluminum is the
preferred material as it is far less expensive. They mount to the arm
with a socket head set screw and the proper Allen wrench is included
along with a printed set of instructions explaining installation and
proper adjustment. Also, they are made entirely by hand so there may be
slight differences between each one (won't affect the operation at all).

The prices are $25 post paid for the aluminum and $35 for the brass ones
to domestic USA customers. Due to large postage increases, International
prices are $45 for the aluminum ones and $55 for the brass ones. This
does include international First Class shipping.

If you decide to order one or more, I will need the make/model of the
bug(s) you want stabilizers for, whether they are "left" or "right"
handed (the bug, not you) and be sure to include your mailing address as

I take personal checks, USPS money orders (made out to Aubrey J.
Sheldon) sent to my QRZ listed address (2029 East Evanston Dr., Park
City, KS 67219-1618) or PayPal to w0eb@cox.net . International customers
MUST, repeat MUST use PayPal as it is the only form of payment I can
accept from customers in countries outside of the United States.

I'll be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Please email inquiries direct to w0eb@cox.net rather than through the
reflector to keep the list clutter down.

Jim Sheldon - W0EB
2029 East Evanston Dr.
Park City, KS 67219-1618

email to w0eb@cox.net

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