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GM Dan and Sean,

Do you have a link for these. I've been unable to find them and am curious.  May have a use for one especially if its a buck boost regulator. 
Thanx much.
I love this radio stuff.
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I bought a pack of 10 last year, for $1 each.  There was no shipping fee but they took 6 weeks to get here.

-=Sean Edwards=-

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I know several have tried the neat little DC-DC adjustable power supply modules you can get from China - eBay... I just got a new one. The price was low (aren't they all) and this had what appeared to be a bright clear LCD screen with nice up/down buttons to adjust and it also monitors current. Good for a 20 V power input (laptop supply!!) and up to 3 amps but they recommend 2.

It is small - tiny actually. Comes with a tabbed little plexi shield "box" and two little red plexi button extenders, plus two screw to hold it together. 

I've attached a photo so you can see. To give you an idea of size I left the ferrite on the end of the laptop power supply cord in the photo when I cropped it.



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