Re: Nets and Heat

Bob Zolecki

Hi Bob

About ur it a wire or tubing vertical...Do you have a remote antenna tuner at the antenna....How many and how long are ur radials...I'm thinking maybe getting a

65 foot vertical sometime in the future...Tks de Bob KR9Z...

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Hi Guys,
I try to pick up some of you but I have to be outdoors and I use a 65 foot vertical end fed.
I hear W1AW about 559 and QSB.
I'm now using my old MFJ CW rigs but all my morning contacts are not much more then 100 miles.
Humidity is so thick I saw a few Perch go by
I operate from the car but I don't like to idle for 2 hours with the A/C running.
Waiting for UPS for my other Guitar.
73 for now

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