Portable power pack


Doug Hendricks has succesfully used a $1.25 XL6009 I.C. (500 KHz) boost module, a $0.99 LED DC meter module, a couple of push-button switches along with a PCB, cell holder and Altoids tin to produce what we call the "Pixie Portable Power Pack". Power is supplied by four AA cells (alkaline or rechargeable) then boosted up to the required operating voltage. It's a compact unit and everything fits inside the Altoids tin, with the lid closed! One push-button switch is used to read the battery voltage and the other the output voltage which is set using the on-board pot on the boost module; accessible through a tiny hole drilled in the tin. Load current capability is a few Amp's.; enough to operate all except the 'hungriest' of QRP rigs. No RF noise has been detected thusfar with the unit running under load.

This neat little gadget is part of the ongoing Norcal Monthly Meeting "Pixie Project" which is a series of free kits produced by Doug and given out at the meetings with members constructing their kits at home and bring them to the subsequent month's meeting. All this will culminate in an indoor Pixie Operating Contest later this summer.

Photographs of the PPPP have been posted to the Norcal Yahoo Group, "Photos" section. <https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/norcalqrp/info>
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