AC-1 CLone, and MAgic Box


GM Sam,

Thanks for trying to check in, and FB on the AC-1 Clone.  I heard Ken working you but didn't try to break in. 

If you have, or can find, a Magic Box  you will have the ideal QSK device for a separate transmitter, receiver, and favorite keyer setup.  It works like "magic".

I love this radio stuff.
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Last Week's News This Week From N5AF:

Nary a dit last week during the net - nothing. After the net time was over I
did work W4QO/QRP on 7122. This was my first 4SQRP operation with my new
DL3ECN clone-kit of the old Ameco AC-1, a 6V6 xtal controlled 6V6GT ( Ken-Rad
) at 4 Watts output. About 10 QSOs with it so far. I was using a K4VIZ solid
brass vertical bug last week. Now I gotta un-learn 55 years of iambic
electronic keying and/or learn to switch between them.

This Week's News This Week From N5AF:

I had a fairly good copy on NQ0RP and AF5AF both - again running the AC-1
clone at 4 Watts. After the net, I also worked WA89REI/QRP, a 4SQRP member in
Michigan. I was using a Russian Army straight key tonight.

I should have the Ozark Patrol on tomorrow.


Sam Neal N5AF

Subject: [4sqrp] Tonight's 40m Net

My deepest apologies to all, I started having issues with the key so I was
forced to go to the bug, that was not the best code I've ever produced but
it got me there (I think!)
Thanks to:
AF5AF - Rocky - AR welcome rocky to the 4SQRP Wednesday evening 40m net
N5AF - Sam - TX and thanks Sam for sticking with it.
Thanks again to both you gentlemen and don't forget Terry's 08:00 (CDT) 40m
net tomorrow.
72/3 es God bless all de Wayne - NQ0RP

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