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John Lonigro

On that same topic, a telephone museum opened up recently in the St. Louis area.  It traces the 150 year history of phones.  They have a phone booth exhibit, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't one of the ones used by Superman (hi).  I think the phones Dale has for sale are probably represented, but, believe it or not, they are near the "modern" portion of the museum.

Hope everyone had a good Field Day this past weekend.  I participated only slightly, helping to put up a G5RV antenna and volunteering to put together our ARRL submittal, which is the least fun (but still essential) part of the weekend.

If you found yourself rusty with your CW, remember the 4SQRP nets on Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings.  And don't forget the Second Sunday Sprint.  The next sprint will be on July 10th.  As usual, I'll try to send ample reminders.


John AA0VE

On 06/28/2016 06:22 PM, Dale Putnam daleputnam@... [4sqrp] wrote:


These would make a super intercom system.. just add a 90v ringing voltage, talk battery.. and away... you go.

Actually.. if there is interest, I will clean them up. IF not.. trash bay.

Oh.. and BTW.. I've a complete key system too. if someone wants it. 

not qrp.. but all of it runs on low power. Batteries will hold up for a long long long time. 

FS.. yes.. heavy to ship.. flat rate box will do fine. figure about $20 or so for shipping.. whatever is on the label...

we can figure that out before shipping. 

Need an intercom to you doghouse?  Here it is!!

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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