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This is an interesting topic.  My northern high latitude (61+ degree North) is really nasty for propagation.  Still, I do get on and call CQ, usually on 14.059.49...Alaska is the 49th state.  I usually can get a hit from the RBN but mostly in WA and OR.  I suppose it is tough due to propagation and distance.  It is 1450 miles to Seattle.  Most days I don't even hear SKCC QSOs.  Today I copied W1AW at about S-4.  That means no other stations heard.  If W1AW gets up to S-7 or better, it is time to flip on the K2.

Don't tell anyone...but I have been known to run 100 watts from time to time since the sun calmed down.  Even then, it is not a slam dunk.

See you on the air.

73, Jim

Jim Larsen, AL7FS
Anchorage Alaska 
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On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 5:38 PM, Johnny Matlock jomatlock@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

Hey Woody
Great idea, we all just need to try to do it more!
A few months ago whike i was building Diz's one waters, I kept a rig on the bench tuned to one of the Qrp watering holes.
Made quite a few quick Qso's!!
Some old friends and made some new contacts as well.
Just need to find time to build more!
Johnny AC0BQ

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Preaching to the choir here but just have to say that ignoring the propagation numbers / forecasts may be a good idea.  For the first time in my 38 year Ham career, I recently moved a rig into my home office (from my basement shack).  I now monitor, and occasionally call CQ at the QRP frequencies no matter what the prop. numbers say as I'm working in the office.  I work many other QRP stations throughout the day, and the RBN always picks me up somewhere.  Often, when calling CQ at 5W, the RBN spots me at 10db or better in many different states but no response.  Are too many of us believing the bands are dead when they aren't?  Sure, sigs are sometimes weak and I have to wear the cans but I'm making Qs.  Good old W2KJ (Joe) and I carried on a fun 2 X QRP rag chew on 20M this morning.  He on his new KX2 and me on my IC-7200 at 5W.  Come on guys.  Join the party! / Woody / WD9F

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