Re: Calibrating the Pig Rig without a Freq counter?

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Well, I'd say that was easy enough. Thanks!

Making the last tweaks and wiring up the pots etc now.


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GM Steve,

Yes, set your big rig to 7030.7 and remove it's antenna.

Connect the pigrig to a dummy load. Key it , and adjust C26 to zero beat on your
big rig.

Connect the pigrig to the antenna and call cq several times while checking the
reverse beacon network several of the skimmers should
hear you and report your frequency.

PigRigs are designed to run off a 12 volt supply, no need to drop it to 10

Good luck and have fun..

I love this radio stuff !

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| Ok. I got the Pig Rig built and now I have to calibrate and align it. I don't
have a freq counter or a 10V source. I can figure out how to step the voltage
down from my power source, but was wondering if there was any alternative to
having a freq counter?
| 73
| Steve
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